[Philosophy] “Care for Each One”

For our job, you can make use of your all such as attributes, interests, and experience.
We are sure that you can enjoy our jobs, which you can make use of your “all”, and feel the worthwhileness of working.

Care for Each One

Work introduction

Care Staffs in Private retirement homes with in-house nursing care services


Our Private retirement homes with in-house nursing care services are designated as daily life care service for long term care for elderly in specific facilities under Long-Term Care Insurance Act, so many people in need of daily care wish to stay with us. In case of Private retirement homes with in-house nursing care services, both number of people and scale are larger than group homes (Communal Daily Long-Term Care for a Dementia Patient) and lifestyles are different from those in group homes where atmosphere is homely. Staffs in charge of kitchen prepare meals and cleaning is also taken charge by the specialists.
By this separation of jobs, care staffs in Private retirement homes with in-house nursing care services are able to specialize in “care”. Not only the help of taking meals, excretion, or taking a bath, they can also make the best care plan for each.

For example, if a user wants to go out for dinner, we will try to realize it. Of course it does not mean we can fulfill all requests, but we are trying to realize the requests and suggest other plans that are as close as the original requests. In addition, the other specialists as well as care staffs work in the facilities, so we are able to realize the best care by taking perspectives from each specialist into consideration. This can be an interesting point that cannot feel in group homes.


Private retirement homes with in-house nursing care services have broad meanings, so what part they focused in is the originality of facilities and it can be the direction of cares. We “Nihon Care Quality” consider our user as an individual not as one of groups. To realize that, it is very important to reflect each life history and way of life.

We make the most of “individual” by communicating frequently with staffs and users, or among the users. Our task is to offer cares so that our users think the decision to stay with us was right. We are creating better care by facing each user and making connections or by cooperating with other professions.

Arragement care Hakone Sengokuhara

Examples of a day

Care staffs have 4 shift systems (Early, Day, Late, Night)

【An example of Day shift】

8:30 Conference
Helping excretion, measuring vital signs, preparing for bath
10:00 Exercise, Offering green tea
11:00 Helping excretion, leading to bathroom
12:00 Lunch (Helping meals and taking medicine)
13:00 Leading to rooms
Helping of taking a bath( not every day)
(Going shopping with users on Tuesdays)
15:00 snacks
16:00 confirmation of excretion, collecting trash
17:00 finish

【An example of Night shift】

16:30 Conference, Helping excretion
17:00 Preparing for medicine, Dinner settings
18:00 Dinner (Helping meals) oral care, helping bedding
20:00 measuring vital signs, giving medicine
21:00 patrol, record
22:00 preparing for next day
23:00 Patrol, helping excretion corresponding to call
〈patrol every two hours〉
6:00 Helping to get up
7:30 Breakfast, oral care
8:30 conference, finish

Woman, 60’s

I have been busy. It is tough, but I can feel users need me when seeing relaxed faces of them and being said “Thank you”.

Worthwhileness of working

We not only offer physical care but also think what we can do for user and it leads to worthwhileness of working.

Woman 20’s

It is hard to correspond to individual needs of users. We go shopping as living support and it’s tough when the amount of shopping is huge, still I feel worthwhile when users say thanks.

Man 60’s

Conditions of users are broad and their care would be different for each. Since this is the job directly concerns people and facilities are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, I have stresses and fatigues. But I can feel worthwhileness when users trust me and give me with big smiles.

Life in dorms

Arrangement Care Hakone Sengokuhara is located 3 minutes away from dorms. As rooms are furnished (microwave, AC, washing machine, stove), it is easy to start new life.

woman 20’s

When thinking about employment, dorm is the priority. It can be more convenient if the kitchen would be larger, but everything else we need to live is set. Living in the dorm is nice and fun as Hakone is a very famous tourist spot. I have nothing to concern right now to live. The only thing I concern is clothing since my hometown does not have snow. We make rules for trash and such among colleagues.

Woman 50’s

I had been looking for a job with dorms. The room is furnished. It is tough when it snows but is good to live in other seasons.

Our environment is nice to work


Support getting certification

Basically, we raise people without certification and make them independent. As we have full support system such as to help training fees for the certification, people without certification or experience are welcome. People without certification will study while practicing for 3 years and aim for the certification of care worker.


Development of Human Resources

At first, you need to go through introduction training. People without experience will learn basics of care before going to practice, so don’t worry.
People with experience will make use of their experience and skill, and can raise the skills.