Our company was established in August 2002 to provide appropriate and high quality services for the elderly, people with disabilities, and those who need nursing care,

We opened our first Group Home (Communal Daily Long-Term Care for a Dementia Patient) “Group Home Haru in December 2003 and have currently 18 group homes.

Based on the experiences from the business of group homes, we have opened Private retirement homes with in-house nursing care services ”Arrangement care Susono” and ”Arrangement care Hakone Sengokuhara” ,which have 150 rooms in August 2010.

We are aiming to continue and develop our two business, group homes and Private retirement homes with in-house nursing care services, with our philosophy “Care for Each One” to meet the increasing needs in the Aged society.

Currently we can accommodate up to 513 people in the East and Middle Shizuoka, and Hakone, Kanagawa.

[Philosophy] “Care for Each One”

  1. Support of Users – We cherish “Individual Cares”
  2. As a Group of Specialists – We take care of “Heart” rather than skills or qualifications.
  3. Company Style – We create originality under the law.

Group Homes

As our core business, we are practicing advanced care for dementia. Users can live in the areas where they live in the way they had lived at home.

Our staffs support them gently like their family and help them live peacefully.

Private retirement homes with in-house nursing care services

We offer “individual cares” by arranging full support systems in accord with their physical conditions.
The features of our care are: friendly and homely environment; independent living based on users’ personalities.
We are hoping our users think their decision to live with us is successful.