For your new peaceful live

  • Mechanical Bathtub

    Mechanical Bathtub

    Those who need special assistance can also enjoy having a bath safely.

  • Rehabilitation room

    Rehabilitation room

    Users are working on rehabilitation with therapists and our staffs.

  • Health Care Center

    Health Care Center

    Nurses are stationed for 24 hours and offer health care.

  • Accommodation rooms for family

    Accommodation rooms for family

    We offer accommodation for users’ family. They can relax with their family in Hakone.

  • Salon Space

    A hairdresser visits us periodically. Users can have a haircut without going out.

We arrange floor environment for those Long-term care service plans.

There are 150 rooms on 2nd-6th floors.
5th and 6th floors are for assistance and 2nd to 4th floors are for care.
We arrange staffs and facilities with users’ condition, and offer them desired service for each one to make the lives here comfortable space.

Staying out overnight is allowed. You can stay with us in our homely peaceful rooms with nice staffs.